Claire (thefivehole) wrote,

Today the Orange Hat Guy walked in front of me in Cobo and I thought, "who is that guy?" For some reason he just intrigues the hell out of me. I mean, he's this old black guy who's had season tickets since, what, forever?, who wears the exact same outfit to every game - orange hat (obvs) and a shabby tan jacket and pants. Absolutely nothing about him stands out as "oh, I bet he's a huge hockey fan." He gives off more homeless guy vibes than Red Wings season ticket holder vibes. He's always by himself and, I've seen him up close a few times this season, he doesn't look like a particularly happy guy.

Anyway. I should be researching for a paper. I have to choose a topic on something I'm passionate about. Those are the only guidelines. So far I have nothing. WTF this shouldn't be that hard!???!?!?!
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